Complete List of U.S. Bank Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers in Nevada

Name City Phone
Albertsons - Boulder City ATMBoulder City
U.S. Bank Capitol NV OfficeCarson City775-687-8001
U.S. Bank South Carson City Save Mart OfficeCarson City775-687-8016
U.S. Bank North Carson OfficeCarson City775-888-8580
U.S. Bank Carson City Smith's OfficeCarson City775-884-1150
Save Mart - East Carson City ATMCarson City
Carson Tahoe Medical Center ATMCarson City
U.S. Bank Capitol ATMCarson City
U.S. Bank Dayton Smith's OfficeDayton775-246-3108
U.S. Bank Dayton - Smith's ATMDayton
U.S. Bank Elko Main OfficeElko775-738-3166
Albertsons - Elko ATMElko
U.S. Bank Fallon ATMFallon
U.S. Bank Fallon OfficeFallon775-428-0680
Fallon Drive-Up ATMFallon
U.S. Bank Gardnerville Smith's OfficeGardnerville775-782-5734
U.S. Bank Gardnerville OfficeGardnerville775-782-2268
U.S. Bank Gardnerville - Smith's ATMGardnerville
U.S. Bank Eastgate NV OfficeHenderson702-433-4336
U.S. Bank Green Valley OfficeHenderson702-451-1020
U.S. Bank Green Valley Smith's OfficeHenderson702-434-3852
U.S. Bank Horizon & Horizon Vons OfficeHenderson702-565-3351
U.S. Bank Anthem Village Drive Vons OfficeHenderson702-614-7822
U.S. Bank Eastern and Horizon Smith's OfficeHenderson702-407-0189
U.S. Bank South Boulder and Henderson Smith's OfficeHenderson702-564-2308
U.S. Bank Valley Verde Smith's OfficeHenderson702-269-2360
U.S. Bank Horizon & Horizon - Vons ATMHenderson
U.S. Bank Stephanie & Paseo Verde NV OfficeHenderson702-492-3870
U.S. Bank Stephanie and Paseo Verde ATMHenderson
U.S. Bank Anthem OfficeHenderson702-263-5170

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